First Nations silk to present treaty framework

A First Nations expert on native title will be using a treaty forum in Sydney tonight to propose a framework for an Assembly of First Nations

The proposed assembly will be an economically independent forum, functioning similarly to how the United Nations does, where First Nations can discuss and agree on issues as a collective.

The proposal is only at a draft stage, with some aspects still open to further development in consultation with First Nations, such as endorsement or membership.

Wiri man Tony McAvoy SC, will be talking at the ‘Men speak out for Treaty’ forum at the Redfern Community Centre tonight.

The initial aim of the body would be to work on treaties, but Mr McAvoy says it can continue to work on any other issue of concern.

The national conversation of a settlement between First Nations people and the Commonwealth has been gaining traction though the media with and the social grapevine.

The forum, Men speak out for Treaty will argue the need to settle First Nations disputes with the Commonwealth through a treaty, giving First Nations people the ability to determining their own futures in a way enforceable by the courts.

Speaking at the forum will be the National Tertiary Education Union’s Policy Committee Chair, Terry Mason, Yolngu Nations Assembly Spokesperson Yingiya Mark Guyula, Founding Chairman of the Stronger Smarter Institute Chris Sara, Narungga Elder Tauto Sansbury and Australia’s first Indigenous SILK, Tony McAvoy SC.

Mr McAvoy says a settlement with the Commonwealth is more important than any amendments to the constitution.

The campaign for a referendum on Indigenous constitutional recognition has a controversial topic, with many who support sovereignty and treaties opposing the move.

On the other hand, many constitutional change advocates say treaties can come after recognition.

Wiri man Tony McAvoy SC says any constitutional changes need to flow from treaties to determine what amendments are actually important.

Image: The Australian



Adam Evans

Adam Evans