Chief Ministers Call to Allow Uluru Climb Slammed


A prominent Uluru-Kata Tjuta activist has rejected a call by the Northern Territory Chief Minister urging the Traditional Owners of Mutitjulu to allow climbing of the sacred site Uluru.

Chief Minister Adam Giles has this morning called on Uluru’s Traditional Owners to drop opposition to the tourist climb, saying their approval would provide jobs and business opportunities.

Vincent Forrester says the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains New South Wales, where Mr Giles is from, doesn’t allow climbing and yet it hasn’t stopped tourists going there.

He says tourists get more out of touring with local people than climbing the site.

Mr Forrester says climbing on Uluru isn’t just a spiritual insult, but is also an environmental concern.

He says junk and human waste get washed off the top into the water source.

Adam Evans

Adam Evans


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