Offensive Slogans Banned On Commercial Vehicles In QLD


The Queensland Government has announced plans to deregister vehicles with offensive slogans such as those used by the car hire company Wicked Campers.

The Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath was unavailable for an interview, however a spokesperson from the department says the laws are targeted at commercially registered vehicles and a complaint must be upheld by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

The Attorney-General’s office told NIRS that when a vehicle is deregistered, the offensive slogans on the vehicle cannot be seen and will no longer generate income for the business, which they say will provide incentive for business owners to address the issue.

While the move has been welcomed by respected Murri elder Aunty Mary Graham, she says the issue of such slogans on cars is a problem for freedom of speech.


NIRS attempted to contact Wicked Campers for comment however they refused to comment.