Stolen Wages Class Action’s Could Orrur Nationwide


A class action brought against the Queensland Government over stolen wages will possibly be followed by actions in other jurisdictions.

Around 300 Murries have joined the class action, which will argue that the State breached the trust it owed workers, by withholding and misusing their wages.

While Bottoms English Lawyers represent workers in the Queensland Action, Shine Lawyers will be working towards class actions in other states and territories.

Principal Director for B.E. Law, John Bottoms say being a small country law firm, they can’t cover the whole country alone so his firm called on Shine Lawyers to assist.


Jan Saddler, a partner with Shine Lawyers says while there are differences in legislation throughout other jurisdictions, they won’t impact the opportunity to begin class actions in other states or territories.

(IMAGE: Flickr, Rae Allen)

Adam Evans

Adam Evans