Beattie Stolen Wages Compensation Waivers Unconscionable: Laywers


Lawyers representing around 300 claimants in a stolen wages class action against the Queensland Government, says any waivers people may have previously signed are unconscionable.

To date, the Queensland Government has made two attempts at reparations for victims of stolen wages, however payouts have proved to be a fraction of the estimated $500 million which is believed to outstanding.

A reparations scheme implemented in 2002 by the Beattie Government initially offered payments from $2000 to $4000 and required workers to waiver their rights to further claims for compensation.

John Bottoms, from B.E Law , says the waivers people signed in this case are invalid because workers did not know what they were giving up.

(IMAGE: Flickr, Jan Truter)

Adam Evans

Adam Evans