Former Garnduwa CEO Charged Over Alleged Theft of Over $230k

A former Chief Executive of a First Nations organisation in West Australia is set to face 38 charges for the alleged theft of more than $230,000.

The former head of Garnduwa, Alan Bishop, is accused of falsifying documents as a means to steal just over $237,000 through 38 company cheques.

The charges stem from an investigation by the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Organisations with the issue originally detected by Garnduwa’s auditor and directors.

If found guilty, Mr Bishop is reportedly expected to face a penalty of $340,000 or five years prison time or both.

The case will go convene in Perth in July.

The news follows the conviction of another accountant involved with a First Nations organisation in Central Australia, who was sentenced to almost eight years in prison for the theft of around $780,000.

Image: West Kimberley Football League

Adam Evans

Adam Evans


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